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Acupuncture treatments have gone virtual!

Virtual wellness acupuncture

You might wonder how our virtual wellness sessions will include acupuncture? They actually include acupressure! Once lockdown has been lifted you can choose to see me at one of my practices or continue virutally. There is much wisdom in Chinese medicine can  offer within the scope of advice; bespoke acupressure routines, wellness coaching, meditation & affirmations, dietary plans, fertility and pregnancy support.

Are you a new patient?

Looking forward to talking with you about your health issues you would like acupuncture/ acupressure to get you feeling better. The consultation includes one to one tutorials to locate acupressure points as well as applicable support in dietary, wellness coaching, breathe work, meditation, affirmations and restorative exercise for injury. If it suits your bespoke treatment plan, you will be taught how to apply ear seeds and use moxabustion.

Fertility support

Just because we are under lock down doesn't mean you have to set aside your plans to boost your chances of conceiving. This is the perfect time to get started. Coaching you with valuable information about your cycle, fertile days and bespoke lifestyle changes to boost fertility can start today!

I would be happy to be a resource for you during this time so you can connect with your acupuncturist no matter where you are!

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