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Traditional Acupuncture Consultation 

Cost: £110 | Duration:  2 hours | Virtual & In Person

Benefits of a Traditional Acupuncture Consultation: One to one time to discuss your health issues and aims of treatment. A first acupuncture treatment aimed at your individual health needs.

A customised treatment plan will be disscused with dosage & estimated treatment length at this session. Suggestions such as dietary, meditation, exercise, mind & body exercises & any support for you to reach your health goal will be mentioned after your diagnosis is completed.

To book an initial acupuncture consultation please contact Kim directly at [email protected]To fast track your consultation we can conduct the first hour virtually to discuss your health information. Then book a follow up session within a week to complete your first acupuncture session. Depending upon the schedule there are face to face 2 hour spaces available if booked in advance for the initial consultation.

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Follow Up Acupuncture treatments

Cost £65 or Purchase a series of six treatments for £350 (savings of 10%) | Duration: 1 hour

Benefits of Follow up acupuncture treatments: One to one time to discuss how the treatment plan is benefiting your health issue and adjust treatment principles to get the desired energetic result. Supportive therapies might be used such as guasha, cupping, electro acupuncture and chinese remedial massage (Tui Na).

Customised Bach Flower Remedy | Initial consultation

Cost: £35 | Duration: 35 min | Virtual or In person

An initial consultation to talk about the support you are looking for to identify flower essences which resonate with you. A customised Bach flower remedy is a subtle healer and great for sensitive people.

Existing patients: Add on a customised remedy to your treatment for the amazing value at £15

Flower Remedy & Cream for physical based issues combined £20

Follow Up Bach Flower Remedy  Cost: £30 | Duration: 30 min


Pregnancy Treatments

Breech presentation support - week 34 to 36

Cost: £65 | Duration: 1 hour

Benefits: A 15 minute consult to discuss health issues during pregnancy & birth plans. Acupuncture treatment with moxibustion is provided. As well as a live tutorial to teach you (& your partner if available) how to use moxa at home. Included: home use moxa sticks with written directions.

Birth Induction & Preparation Acupuncture (weeks 39, 40, 41, 42)

Cost: £65 | Duration: 1 hour

Benefits: A 15 minute consult to discuss any health issues during pregnancy & your birth plan. Treatment is aimed at inducing labour if you are past your due date (40 weeks+) it is also appropriate to book in two to three days prior to a scheduled medical induction or in conjunction with a stretch and sweep appointment

Nausea & Morning Sickness Support in First Trimester

Cost: £65 | Duration: 1 hour

Benefits: A 15 minute to consult on how your are getting on in the first trimester. Points are chosen based on your feedback to reduce symptoms as well as lifestyle advice provided. Acupressure plasters are applied on nausea points to wear home.

A consultation is not necessary if you are coming for nausea. If however you have a more complicated case the 2 hour consultation is required (e.g miscarriage history, anxiety,  pain or musculoskeletal issues)

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