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Acupressure for anxiety, 3 easy points you can use now!

Suffering with anxiety, why not try acupressure?

In the video there are 3 easy to learn points that will reduce or alleviate anxiety.


A few pointers:

Stick with practicing the points, within days you will have learned them and use apply when you need

Wash your hands before and after applying acupressure

Don't apply acupressure over bruises or open cuts/ wounds

Often points are on the left and right side of the body. In this video there are two which are on the forehead and chest (Middle of the chest & Yintang), they are only found in one location. The point on the forearm should be done on the right & left side.


Want to book a virutal acupressure treatment?

This is a great idea to boost your wellness in this time you can't see me in person. I offer virtual bespoke acupressure treatment via video to show you point location and offer detailed lifestyle advice tailored to your health. You will also receive a slide presentation illustrating the points we learned in our meeting.

You can book online at the 'Book now' button in the right corner of your screen. If there isn't a suitable time please email me and I will be happy to get back to you.


Thanks for watching.



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