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Endometriosis & painful periods

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Acupuncture to reduce pain for endometriosis
Management of pain from endometriosis is very supportive in reducing severity and duration of pain. Often there is no correlation of between the severity of pain and the extent of the endometriosis, some women with very little adhesions may suffer with  with terrible pain. Acupuncture treatment is scheduled during the menstrual cycle to ensure a reduction of pain.
Fertility acupuncture for Endometriosis

Endometriosis varies in presentation from intense pain during the cycle and intercourse to very few symptoms at all. It affects fertility by reducing the quality of eggs, not allowing blood to flow properly, causing a weakened endometrium as well as causing obstruction in the tubes and uterus, therefore not allowing passage for the egg and sperm or impeding smooth discharge of menstrual blood. Acupuncture can benefit the patient in providing pain relief, reducing inflammation which therefore increases blood flow to the uterus to conceive or promote a stronger menstrual cycle prior to conceiving. As well as, regulating levels of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are know to regulate the female reproductive system and are involved in the control of ovulation, the menstrual cycle and the induction of labour.
Do you have to take time off school or work because of period pain?

Pain occurring before or around the menstrual cycle shouldn’t be something you just ‘have to manage’, acupuncture can be great at reducing pain to a level that your life can stay the same. There are many reasons why a woman experiences pain around the period that western medicine may not be able to provide a more targeted diagnosis, often the answer is take a form of contraception to suppress the cycle to calm the pain. For some, this is not a viable option, acupuncture is a great choice. Kim takes the time to understand your cycle and lifestyle to come up with tailored treatment plan to reduce the pain.

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