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Assisted Conception

Why should you consider acupuncture for IVF?

Infertility is a multifactorial health issue. Most assisted conception clinics recognise patients need an integrated approach. Getting pregnant requires a well thought out plan starting with the couple, the ART clinic, acupuncturist and other professionals to have a successful outcome. It is a team effort!

When should I start acupuncture before IVF?

2 to 3 months prior to your scheduled round


  • Regulate your current menstrual cycle 
  • Focus on any gynaecological conditions which may cause complications (endometriosis, tubal blockage, PCOS, miscarriage etc.)
  • Balance hormones before taking the medications used suppress your cycle on down regulation
  • Strengthen your mental connection
  • Reduce anxieties
  • Enhance egg quality by nourishing your primordial follicles to provide better grade eggs
  • Optimise blood flow to the uterus to have a optimum endometrium for implantation

When would I start acupuncture treatment for a frozen embryo transfer?

Up to 4 weeks prior to your FET cycle begins or Day 21 of your pre-treatment cycle

Why would I want acupuncture for an FET?

  • To treat adverse effects of various medications which might be used to suppress or regulate your menstrual cycle
  • Calm anxieties
  • Regulate the menstrual cycle so treatment can be started on schedule
  • Support any underlying health issues

Should my partner consider fertility acupuncture?

Supporting your partner with fertility acupuncture optimises your chances of creating viable egg(s) for a day 5 blastocyst transfer or for freezing. Two out of three couples in the UK struggle with fertility due to male sub-fertility either alone or in combination with female factor. Read more..  

I have decided to have acupuncture at the last minute before our transfer, can you help me?

Yes I can! Research suggests acupuncture sessions during IVF can enhance endometrium thickness, optimise temperature for implantation and receptivity of the uterine environment. Most importantly acupuncture is wonderful for calming, often the IVF process is  can be stressful. When you’re under stress your body will struggle to conceive.

Why should I choose Kim as my acupuncturist?

When you work with an acupuncturist who specialises in fertility acupuncture they will have experienced many variations of treatment protocols and outcomes over the years. Kim has experience and knowledge to make adjustments at each step of your IVF treatment based on the information your clinic provides and how you are feeling to ultimately conceive and carry your baby to term. 


If you have suffered a miscarriage, acupuncture should be seriously considered 3 months prior to your IVF treatment, this will allow us to monitor your cycle, build up your energy which initially caused the miscarriage as well as managing anxieties which tend to be a very powerful form of stress that can effect the outcome of your IVF.

What type of ART/ IVF cycles do you work with?

Long and short down regulated cycles, frozen embryo transfer, natural cycle

What is the average treatment schedule during an IVF procedure?

Support varies for each patient, this is a basic estimated treatment plan which would not encompass treatment to boost egg quality 2 to 3 months prior:

  • Initial consultation
  • Day 1 -3 of period
  • Day 4 to Day 11 follicle development
  • Day 11 - 14 follicle maturation 
  • Trigger injection
  • Day of egg collection
  • Day 14 - Days 16/ 19
  • Pre and post embryo transfer treatment within 24 hours of the event
  • 'The wait' time between testing for pregnancy

A word about ongoing support to week 12 scans

Ongoing support post implantation is highly recommended to to ensure the smooth embryo implantation and calm anxieties. If there is a previous history of miscarriage, older maternal age or complications during IVF weekly treatments are suggested until your scan at week 12.

Click here to read more research from the British Acupuncture Council about IVF


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