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Flower Essence Healing

Kim has a new website for flower essence healing, check out Meadow Moon Essences.

If you have never taken a flower or vibrational essence you might be wondering what it is. What it’s not is a tincture or essential oil which are popular questions often asked. Essences are co created with a plant, tree, crystal or place (or all of these combined) with a flower essence producer. These elements imprint a vibration into spring water creating a resonance based remedy. Resonance is the healing vibration imprinted into the water. The imprinted water is then preserved in brandy. This is called the ‘mother essence’, it’s then diluted to use for individual personalised healing remedies.

Bach  Flower remedies were created by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s. You may have heard of, or used Rescue Remedy (a global best seller) known for calming people in times of great distress. This essence line contains 38 flower remedies each having unique properties to treat anything from shock, stress, big changes in life, lack of direction to name a few issues we all experience. Production of flower essences have seen a large boost in the past few years in the UK. 

Kim uses a variety of remedies providing extensive options for flower essence healing consultations. These vary from what they were co-created with; some are plant based, astrological, energetic conscious, spiritual locations and animal based essences. 

Flower and vibrational essences are great healers which have a subtle energetic way of restoring energy and nurturing the spirit and soul. Used for children, adults and animals as there are no contra indications, they are completely natural. The only exception is around alcohol content for some who must completely abstain. This can be adapted with use of other preservatives. 

What happens during a flower essence healing consultation?

Kim provides a safe space were you can feel open to discuss any challenges you are facing in person or via Zoom. Often you’ll be naturally drawn to an essence you require, we may take look at pictures to see what you resonate with.

What’s included in the consultation:

55 minutes in person or via video link | Personalised 30 ml remedy | A 50 ml energy spray or 120ml essence healing cream

Postage is £3.50 within the UK, further afield charges apply. Kim will make you aware of this prior to your consultation.

Kim’s past case histories treated with essence healers

Anxiety post miscarriage and trying again to concieve.

Fear around receiving injections.

Feeling lost in direction in finding a new career.

Perimenopausal hot flushes, irritability and emotional lows.

Severe lower back pain radiating downwards into the lower leg. Use of flower remedies in a cream form, oral and spray form reduced pain prior to surgery.

Moving on from a divorce and gaining confidence to move forward.

Exam stress during GCSE’s, excellent outcome for reducing anxiety & maintaining concentration.

There are endless possibilities with these tremendous healers, contact Kim if you have any questions.

Kim’s Qualifications

Advanced Flower & Vibrational Essence Practitioner | Chalice Well Program | Glastonbury 2022

Member of The British Flower Essence & Vibrational Essence Association (BFVEA)

Qualified Bach Flower Practitioner | Rose Todd | Oct. 2020

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