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Bach Flower Remedies

Created by Edward Bach  during the 1920’s to 1930’s most people know or have used Rescue Remedy at some point being a global best seller flower remedy known for calming people in times of great distress. BUT…. Did you know there 38 flower essences? Each one having unique properties to treat anything from shock, stress, big changes in ones life, lack of direction to name a few issues we all experience at some point.

Rescue Remedy contains five of the flower essences: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum. This is a great remedy to use in traumatic situations but after things settle one may need a remedy combination tailored to what is currently happening in their life.

I  offer Bach Flower Remedies with your acupuncture treatment or as a stand alone therapy.

Why not enhance that zen feeling after your acupuncture treatment?

If your a current patient add on a customised flower essence for ONLY £15

If your new to my practice you can book a Bach Flower Remedy consultation without seeking acupuncture treatment.

The consultation is a virtual  30 minute space to chat about your health so I can create a custom mixed remedy.

Cost: £35, including delivery


How many times will I need a remedy change?

Often I mix a bottle and ask you take it for 3 weeks to observe shifts in your wellbeing. Then adjustments will be made depending upon your feedback.

Are there any contraindication for Bach Flower Essences?

There are no contraindications, they can can be taken with medications, during pregnancy, in palliative care, given to children and even animals!




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