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Flower Essences for Goddesses!

You may have heard of or taken Rescue Remedy as it’s the most well known flower essence world wide. Did you know there are 38 flower remedies created in the 1930’s by Dr. Edward Bach? Each flower essence was developed to support different emotional states. 

Although flower essence are considered an emerging field of subtle energy medicine, they aren’t a new concept. Evidence suggests civilisations such as the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese have been applying nature in this way thousands of years ago. It is believed they may have collected morning dew as ‘medicine’ to heal restore energy fields of the body.

So, what is a flower essence?

A flower essence is created with a specific plant material, location or crystal by an essence creator. The process might involve blooms being placed in bowl of water on a sunny day in warmth to create an energetic blueprint of the plants healing archetype. This process creates a ‘mother essence’ which is bottled and preserved in organic brandy and spring water. This is then diluted to form stock which is sold in stores and to practitioners. Flower essences are not essential oils or a herbal tincture they are a vibrational energetic medicine. These flower essence suggestions are based on the Goddess archetypes. Please seek the advice from your doctor if in doubt.

Pop over to the Resource section for a handy PDF copy of these essences.

Jade Goddess Flower Essence: Impatiens

Sometimes your superstar multi tasking can cause a bit of irritation and you might wonder why everyone is slower than you… Believe it or not there is an actual wild flower called Impatiens. You guessed it, it’s good for when you feel like you’ve had enough! This miracle essence will help soften your driven energy in a magic way. Working with others in ‘their’ timings will start to flow and you’ll feel more harmony with loved ones around you. Clarity will feel like a super power with the ability of your natural vision to shine through without the blurred memories of driving in the fast lane all the time.

Amber Goddess: Centuary

Your an earthy optimist who often helps until you run out of energy. Eventually  you end up feeling tired of giving everything to others. Energy starts to run out and feelings of resentment may brew up to a point of no return, even Mother Teresa would tell you to take a break.  Centaury is for those who need stop and nourish themselves. Stop and resonate with this essence to regain your sense of balance and learn to say NO based on the actual energetic reserves in your tank. If you support your energy on a every level (mind, body & spirit) you will become a source of healing for others by your presence alone.

Moonstone Goddess: Clematis

To nourish your intuitive nature you need to flow into new ideas, catch the vibe and also run life as it happens around you. This takes a quite a bit of concentration at any given time. You may feel as if your in between a few realities in any given day. Day dreaming is great but your super visionary energy can stall mid air if it doesn’t have a sense of completion behind the idea. 

Clematis will bring you back into your body BUT allow your intuition to come through. This essence will assist you in keeping the magic in a grounded way to move toward your destiny.  Open up to your gifts and feel free to follow your gut feelings with Clematis.

Garnet Goddess : Olive

Embodying your wisdom provides inspiration to so many people, but The Garnet Goddess might be in a state of long term exhaustion. This a clear call in life to clear away what is not working for you, more to the point what is consuming your energy. Not only is olive an important  food energy in many countries it also provides a very powerful flower essence. This essence will nourish you through times when you feel you just don’t have the energy, it provides a healing place which is planetary as well as galactic. Float away to nourishment with this elegant friend.

How to take the remedies

Take four drops in a glass of water two to three times a day.


There are no contraindications with the remedies. They are fine if you are on medications, pregnant and breast-feeding.

Customised blends

Why not consider a bespoke remedy? Kim offers a virtual or one to one flower essence healing sessions. Remedies are great for highly sensitive types who struggle with too many interventions. 

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