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How could journaling help me conceive?

Series 1 of 3   Day 1  'Your Period' 

Journalling is a great way to uncover and understand what is normal (for you) during the follicular, ovulation and luteal stages of your unique cycle. For some it may seem like a chore initially but soon enough you will find it something you look forward to each day. Every woman’s cycle varies each month, if you are trying to conceive naturally the information you notate is really important to your acupuncturist and/ or fertility healthcare professional. But, the biggest asset of checking in is connecting to your self and what your body is telling you. By simply connecting to ourselves on a deep level we can rebalance our health. Our menstrual cycle is what sets us apart from men. You are actually much more in tune with your body than you know.

Do you ‘feel’ the changes in your cycle? 

I ask not only on a physical level but also a mental/ spiritual connection. Everyday of your cycle there will be cues in many areas of your life you might have not thought of. App’s are fine to use but they really don’t record all these finer details I would like you to consider.

Let’s start at Day 1 and your period:

What should you observe and record?



Flow of blood, does the flow stop & start, hestitant start

Viscosity of the blood: normal, thin, watery, thick, mucous


Any pain, where, do you need pain killers, if so how many, what is the quality of pain

Unusal discharge

What type sanitary product did you use today?

How do you feel? Run down, headaches, bowel movements, urinary changes, appetite, cravings, breast pain or distension, sleep or anything else..

How do you feel emotionally? 

Record all the above for each day of the period. 

Do you feel a bit more interested in the information? Is there an emotional connection to why you don’t want to celebrate your bleed?

Is there something in your belief system you might need to challenge to fully celebrate the importance of your period?

After your period stops just write a few sentences on how you feel the start of this cycle has been for you. 

One last note, it might be old style but recording notes with a pen on paper is much better than digital. There is a load of research to show the connection seems more satiable to the senses, so go get a nice diary to start this new chapter.

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