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How does the substance Yin impact perimenopausal symptoms?

Let’s talk about Yin! 

I’m sure you’ve seen the illustration of the circle containing the opposite tear drop shapes which fit together with the contrasting dots. This symbol is called the ‘taijtu’. Y & Y (yin & yang) are two polarities occurring in the body which mutually support one another in health. They are opposite yet complimentary to each other, one cannot exist without the other. Imagine their importance much like blood which sustains us. 

The Kidneys are the primary organ that house Y & Y. Our Kidneys are our powerhouse which propel us through life, support fertility to have babies and literally provide us our will. When we reach our late 40’s kidney energy starts to decline, this is when symptoms of peri to pause may start to become more significant and impact our level of physical and mental health.

Yin represents our water & fluids in the body. Think of a fountain or well, it has to be an abundant spring to support our ability to hydrate internally. Often Yin takes sometime to become deficient. How does it become this way? Women spend a good part of their life caring for others in many roles (responsible mother, partner, daughter and friend). Overtime significant stresses, natural decline of sex hormones and maybe a bit of self care neglect come to ‘a head’ in the late forties. This can create the perfect storm…

How to you know if your Yin is deficient?

There are a mix of symptoms which can vary in severity. During peri to pause you may have hot flushes later in the day, night sweats, slight sense on underlying anxiety, palpitations, thirst, dry garden, dry skin, dry mouth, a sense that feeling calm is never possible, feeling on the edge or rung out, feel tired but just can’t shut down at night. You might notice when I talk about a patterns, symptoms are mixed in with feelings, moods and emotions. Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine in which a persons physical, mental & spiritual state is not separate.

Top Tips for Yin Types

For the yin deficient woman any stimulants create a sense of false energy. The more they are consumed the more addictive they are as they never really provide a lasting pool of energy and one always needs more! Coffee will contribute significantly to this pattern, anxiety, feeling short fused and sleep disruption will worsen. The answer…. Yes, reduce coffee consumption until you can stop it entirely. Decaf is an option but only buy Swiss water process. 

Many women talk about their hot flushes worsening around 5:00 pm. If this is a pattern you experience check in with how much activity you are doing after lunch? Are you running around picking up kids or grandchildren, weeding the garden or taking on too many meetings in the afternoon?

Look at a more slowed down approach which works for your life at this point. Heat flaring in late afternoon is a clear sign your Yin energy is weak. One of the best ways nourish Yin is to slow down.

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