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The Water Element | New Beginnings | Winter

Reflection during this time of year is part of experiencing your water element. Water is the most yin of all the elements and it’s reflects the season  of Winter.

Water brings us insights and retrospective moments to shift ideas into transformation of becoming something new. 

The characteristics of water are ever changing. A powerful force which can carve stone, flow carefree, turn to ice, steam or at it’s worst a tidal wave. This is often good to remember when you take time to reflect as we all transform throughout the year to come to a new place. 

Water is adaptable, so are you!

Water is referred to as the Greater Yin in the Tao. This element is tied to our deep unconscious state and a sense we belong to a much larger collective of universal energy. This energy can be viewed as formless and transformative. Our energy is in a constant state of manifesting and dissolving. 

Themes of Water


Water find it’s home in the true depths of innate knowing. This is where we connect with a ‘gut feeling’ of what to do in our lives as it unfolds without forcing an outcome. True knowing or direct knowing is not an activity of the mind, it’s an intuitive understanding operating on another level.

Suggestion: learn to listen to your gut feelings more often, the answer is right there for you.


Water contains the magic of becoming. As one ages potential may seem to fade. Your water element can carry you through a level of ‘waiting’ for right time to break out into a new space in life.

Suggestion: what have you given up or forgotten during this pandemic which was so important to you? Bring back your focus this year to this seed.


We have all seen the damage water can do (Floods, Tsunami etc.) Our water energy is stored in the Kidneys. This powerful force see’s us through until we pass on. Power doesn’t reside in our actions which take us through life it resides in your ability to carry out your destiny through the correct use of this energy.

Suggestion: Are you using your power in a sustainable way, or are your running it out each week? Take time to do nothing. Start with 10 minutes a couple of times a week. For some this will be a big ask. Give a try, have you noticed you actually got more done?


The emotion related to Water  to the emotion of fear. In order to attain wisdom there are fears unique to each person which have to overcome in life. The Water element provides us the ability to transform fear into wisdom. Embrace the unknown to become the Sage. 

Suggestion: What have you been fearful of this year? Grab your journal to jot down a few ideas. Navigating uncharted waters is the path to your inner wise woman spirit.

Have a wonderful winter and water space during this quieter time of year.

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