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The Fire Element & The Season of Summer

Five element and most styles of acupuncture are based on nature. More specifically the five energies, referred to as the Five Elements represent Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood. These form a way of describing or classifying the way we live in the world.

Eastern philosophy is based on them:

Feng Shui creates balance in a space by harmonising all five elements. A specific element can emphasised to attract energy.

Chinese dietary therapy is based on creating balanced meals to restore each element or address a health issue.

Chinese medicine uses each element to rebalance a persons energy to restore health & balance.

Chinese astrology uses the elements to understand an individuals health.


Each one of us has all five elements within us but we all have a dominant element which can cause health issues as well as provide gifts to support us. Your type or element is something your born with. When patients learn to understand their element often many issues in their life become ‘acceptable’ and the battle to fight against their unique natural character tends to relax. There are faults and strengths in each element type.

So, do you know your type?

If your a patient I may have explained what element I treat you on. There are some great books out there to learn more. If you don’t recall what element you are, please drop me an email and I will let you know.

The Element of Fire!

Let’s welcome early summer! It’s taken alot to get here with May being unseasonably rainy in the UK. With expansiveness of growth we now leave the element of Wood behind and enter Fire. 

Characteristics of Fire

Imagine a roaring camp fire, it’s expansive nature, sense of warmth, invites closeness, creates a feeling of joy & socialising. Fire people can be passionate, dramatic and sometimes a bit volatile. They tend to be quite social and can talk quite a bit. They have charisma and get a party going! When your enthusiastic they love it!

Fire types may have a ruddy facial skin tone or they might be pale with red cheeks when they are engaging with you. Hopefully you get a good idea of the Fire element.

Here’s a few tips for this season.

Now that we are out of lockdown there is a sense of trying to catch up to schedule social events, of course this is normal as it is summer! (well just)

Balance your social time with alone time. This is a good tip not just for Fire folks but everyone. This will be especially important if you are an introvert.

When you feel a bit chaotic with too much going on, schedule in some journalling time or meditation. It is really worth 30 minutes of your day to promote a sense of calmness and energy restoration.

What activities have you been missing out on? Think about safely returning to some group activities you used to love.

Get outside and explore! Grab sunshine while you can. Exposure to sunlight increases the hormone serotonin which helps us feel calm & focused. Anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of sunlight on your arms, hands and face 2 to 3 times a week boost Vit D. The sun must penetrate skin, wearing sunscreen or clothing won’t result in Vit D production.

I know I suggest limiting cold raw foods, but when the weather is feeling to warm add some cooling foods to your menu. Try cucumber, salad greens, yoghurt dip, watermelon. 

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