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The Wood Element | Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox refers to the latin words ‘equal night.’ In most parts of the the world the length of day and night will nearly be equal. In the Northern hemisphere we tilt toward the sun. In most locations (except the North Pole & Equator) the amount of daylight will be pretty noticeable now and end on June 21, Summer Solstice.

From a Chinese medicine view the wood element is associated with the season of spring. This is pretty clear with all the budding leaves and early floral beauty expanding by the day in the hedgerows.

The wood element began it’s early transition from the water element in February. As the dormancy of winter ends, nature, humans and animals slowly step out of the yin time of year (winter). 

Although slow in the beginning we can observe the signs of spring building quickly now as we approach spring equinox. Bird song awakens us earlier and evening song can be heard beyond dusk. 

Wood energy is Yang in nature. This energy provides our ‘get up go’, breathing new life into upcoming plans and new starts. Connect with this sense of excitement, new found zest of spring and your wood energy.

The liver & gallbladder are  associated with the wood element. Here’s a few ideas to support these hard working organs.

Paying attention to liver. A strong liver detoxifies blood and produces bile to support a healthy metabolism to process carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

How’s your water consumption? Do you have a water filter? This a good time to invest in a countertop model. Add lemon to water, the liver functions better with adding sour touch to drinks & food.

Vinegar is beneficial for the liver. Add to cooking, have pickles with meals, create homemade salad dressing etc.

The colour associated with wood is a vibrant spring green. The liver filters everything we eat and drink. Try to choose as many clean foods as possible. Purchase organic when you can and reduce ready made meals. When choosing veg add a spectrum of various green veggies.

Optimum health includes daily exercise. When we move our body we move our energy. A sedentary life creates a weak metabolism. Spring is the perfect time with longer daylight and warmer temp’s to get active. Build wellness habits to carry you forward throughout 2022.

Make plans for the summer now, the liver and gall bladder are akin to helping us plan ahead to make decisions. It’s amazing how an event or vacation can inspire us to make the right decisions with our lifestyle.

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