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Tips to Maintain a Healthy Weight During Perimenopause Pt. 2

Weight gain doesn't happen overnight. Loosing weight has the same tragectory, it takes a sustained plan and some effort to succeed. We all cheat, we all skip an exercise day and then create negative self talk which then spirals us into making bad choices. STOP THIS.

Micro Changes

Your health is worth fighting for, more often failure is becoming a ‘thing’ that is highly regarded. Learn today that failure is a good thing. When you look at anyone who is successful at anything, there are peaks and falls. They sustained a practice which worked for them which lead to success.

Change only happens in small increments, look at your long game. The short one is minor. For example, if one chooses to eat ten biscuits a day. You may notice weight gain over the year, but if this continues as an established habit for a few years then the impact becomes far greater. 

Micro changes and small adjustments is how you create real success in anything you want to achieve.

Here's a few suggestions. Choose 2 to start with. Make small shifts this month to set yourself up to create a habit. Once this happens habits become an organic process and they mesh into your daily routine.

Stay Hydrated

Such a tough one even for me! I have purchased fancy water bottles, water filters you name it! But I still struggle, but once I started to drink enough water I noticed a big difference in my metabolism. There is alot of salt in products we don’t even know about! Water represents 60 to 70%  of the human body (alot eh?!). Water regulates estrogen, progesterone, blood pressure, lubricates the joints, cell balance and impacts weight. 

Dehydration often goes un-noticed, causing fluid retention, varying blood pressure levels and  lack of water shuts down the process of fat burning. 

Plain water is the best choice. If you find this gets a bit boring add these… fresh, lime or lemon slice, sprig of rosemary, thyme, mint, strawberries, orange slice, cucumber. Just get creative! Herbal teas also count as water. What doesn’t count: fizzy sugar drinks, anything with a sweetener, coffee or tea.

Also think about watery based meals, these don’t count as water intake but they nourish dryness in Chinese Medicine terms. (watery soups, stir fry, broth with veg)

Stay Active

When you think about controlling weight and maintaining healthy weight there are two obvious factors. A committed exercise program and food choices.

If you really can’t stand the idea of exercise, go back to the idea of SMALL SHIFTS. Exercise can mean many things to us during our week. The idea here is to find a plan which suits you. Maybe you need a personal trainer to get you in the swing and find accountability. For some showing up to group classes creates some socialising and activity. Find your hook, it will really help you on days that you not feeling it.

Exercise in my opinion is one of the most important ways to experience a smooth peri to pause journey. It’s benefits are really quite endless; weight management, reduces anxiety, reduces hot flushes & night sweats, bone health, strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves a can do attitude, improves self image, improves libido, improves sleep and even more we probably don’t even understand! 

Schedule your month now with times and activities. This action makes it real. Grab a buddy, this often is a big support.

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