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Welcome to the Peri to Pause Circle

Interested in learning more about natural solutions for your peri to pause journey?

From the success of last years facebook lives talking about perimenopause symptoms & solutions I created a private facebook group!

Why? I can provide more value in a group instead of my main facebook page. I walk you through quick easy solutions to the most common patterns from a chinese medicine view which happens to women during peri to pause.

If you have downloaded my guides in the past you know there are some amazing tools included. In the group I upload a new guide or tip sheet each week to provide a natural sustainable solution to reduce common symptoms experienced by most women. Additionally, there is a 30 minute video to walk you through each guide were I make chinese medicine sound a bit less of a foriegn concept!

If your interested in joining the Peri to Pause Circle just pop over to Facebook and make a request to join. I repsond within hours!

The hope is to build a community of women who want to learn and share their unique experinces, you can simply use the group to learn or interact with others.

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