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The Midlife Foodie Guide

Based on the success of the Goddess Quiz , The Midlife Foodie Guide was created to help you manage peri to pause symptoms and maintain a healthy natural weight without having to follow a rigid diet.

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That's a fabulous value for a 96 page full colour PDF guide with journalling pages and a proven system of nutrition!

The Midlife Foodie guide is the first of it’s kind teaching the ancient nutritional wisdom of chinese medicine for midlife wellness. Empower your journey by finding your inner Goddess. Beat the weight gain, strengthen your metabolism and feel empowered!

How the guide works…

We are all unique, the food we choose to eat should be no different. Chinese nutritional therapy is based on diagnosing and treating the person not just symptoms. The foundation of the guide is based on goddess types

How will this help you maintain a natural healthy weight?

There is energy in every living thing as well as ourselves. Food and drink are no different. Learn the amazing knowledge of food energetics to balance your digestive system. The benefits are endless! A strong metabolism and healthy weight will become a natural state which will no longer seem like a challenge. Even if your not a ‘foodie’ this is a wonderful self care opportunity.

Your Goddess Type

It all begins with finding your goddess type. The types encompass midlife symptoms, aspects of your life journey and digestive health.

A New View of the Digestive System

Metabolism differs for each of us, this chapter guides you through a proven strategy to understand your digestive system and learn to strengthen it.

Your Food Has Energy

Food is medicine. Many civilisations have approached food this way for thousands of years. Come back to an understanding of what it is to eat for your beautiful unique self.

Targeted Advice with you in Mind

Detailed food, drink and menu suggestions for each Goddess. Lifestyle advice is combined to provide an accessible plan suitable for years to come.

The Foundations

Learn a few theories about Chinese medicine to set you up for success. These are quick straight forward to understand.

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