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Welcome to my Amazon affiliate page packed with nutritional support products, fertility tools, books and many others great products to help you feel better. I may receive a small percentage of income when you use the links provided.

Basal Thermometer for Ovulation

Comes with a app for your mobile and thermometer to track your fertile peaks!


The 6 Minute Diary

A wonderful journal to use to express gratitude, lots of guidance and research into this practice which is life changing.


Rose Quartz Jade Roller & Guasha Tool

Have amazing skin naturally with a rose quartz roller & gua sha tool. I will show you how to use these at your next treatment!


Natracare Organic Cotton Pads

Use sanatary products which are organic cotton, this company has every product to suit your needs.


Biona Cranberry Juice

For bladder condtions, use this in place of sugary cranberry juice. Add water to dilute this juice.


Job's Tears Pearl Barley

Used as a tea or to eat the barley for damp conditions. Recipe provided by Kim.


Blueiron Liquid Supplement

Another option for an iron supplement made out of Nordic Blueberries. 2 TSP per day or 3 TSP per dy if your preganant.


Core Foam Roller

Foam roller to loosen your IT band or use align your spine for 5 to 10 minutes.


Spa Tone Iron supplement with Apple

An easy iron suppliment to boost 'Qi, Blood & Yin'. Take 1 sachet per day. Safe to use in pregnancy.


Australian Beef Bone Broth Concentrate

If you are following 'Blood' or 'Yin' dietary suggestions.


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